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Zesta Connoisseur English Breakfast

Connoisseur Collection




Start your day with this robust full-bodied tea with its pleasant malty after taste that gives you a wholesome and positive feel to your mornings. The perfect complement to your breakfast, Zesta’s English Breakfast can be enjoyed on its own or if preferred, with a dash of milk.
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A wholesome, robust full-bodied tea with a malty aftertaste. Specially sourced from a single tea garden that is renowned for producing a uniquely strong and thick brew. The perfect breakfast complement to kick-start your day and can be drunk on its own or with milk.

3 - 5 minutes 3 - 5 Minutes
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morning Morning
Sri Lankan Tea Estates

A True
Sri Lankan memento Waltrim Estate

The Exquisite taste that made Ceylon tea famous is epitomized in this intensely flavorful tea from the world famous Waltrim Tea Garden.