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Tea Experiences to Gift this Mothers’ Day

Much like a good cup of tea, our mums are warm, loving, comforting, and can immediately cheer us up whenever we’re feeling blue. She radiates love and warmth and is always there when you need her, which is why you must go above and beyond to make Mothers’ Day extra special.

Treat your wonderful mum on the 9th of May with some of these lovely tea experiences.

A Spa Day at Home

Our mothers are superheroes, they juggle so many activities and responsibilities, are always on the go, and still manage to check up on us every day. However, this can get quite tiring and one of the best ways to say “Happy Mothers’ Day” is by giving her a day of rest and relaxation. Slap on a face masque, brew a big pot of a relaxing herbal infusion and have a mini spa day at home. For ultimate relaxation we recommend you pair this experience with either our Pure Chamomile Tea or Zesta’s Detox Wellness Infusion. Sip on these infusions as you spoil your mother with a manicure, pedicure, and a foot massage and let her completely unwind.

Breakfast in Bed

Treating your mum to breakfast in bed is one of the best mothers’ day gifts to give. For years, your mother would have woken up earlier than she needed to just to make you breakfast before you went to school. Even after you finished school, chances are she still doesn’t get enough sleep, she has to wake up for work or has several early morning errands to run. On Mothers’ Day, let her have a lie-in and for once you make breakfast for her! Pull out all the stops, a fruit plate, followed by scrambled eggs or fluffy pancakes, and end this lovely meal with a steaming cup of English Breakfast Tea. This gift is the perfect way for your mum to start her day as you shower her with love and gifts throughout the day!

An Intimate High Tea

High tea and Mothers’ Day almost go hand in hand. While you can go the traditional route and take your mum to a luxurious tearoom where high tea is an elaborate affair, you can make this tea gift a little more intimate. A wonderful idea would be hosting a special Mothers’ Day high tea at home where you make some of the classic high tea treats and invite some of your mother’s closest friends! Serve homemade scones, a variety of finger sandwiches, and of course, Ceylon tea served in delicate bone china cups. While you can’t go wrong with serving classic black tea, we suggest you try our Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe tea which is a type of black tea but with more floral tasting notes.

Cook a Tea-Infused Meal

If you weren’t able to make it home for breakfast, you can make it up to your mum by making her a delicious tea-infused meal! An easy and flavourful recipe is this Green Tea Poached Tuna which requires minimum effort but yields amazing results. Infused with green tea, this a great healthy dinner as this type of tea is loaded with health benefits! Also, green tea is an excellent tea brew to use when cooking with fish as it has a delicate flavour that complements the flavour of green tea.

A Tea Tasting Experience

This final tea experience is perfect if your mother is a tea lover. Give her a tea gift box that contains a variety of tea types and flavours, or you can give her an assortment of the three classic teas – black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. A popular option is our assortment of flavoured teas which contain six fruit and spice flavoured tea bags. Enjoy an afternoon of trying different teas while spending some quality time with mother dearest.

Your mother deserves the world and more. While you can give her a traditional gift like flowers or jewellery, the best gifts don’t come in boxes and come from the heart, which is why these five tea experiences are ideal. Celebrate your mother today and every day with Zesta.