About Us

Tea is an art and at Zesta we have perfected the art of tea. To taste a cup of Zesta tea is to experience the passion, the dedication and the skilled art that went into creating a world class brand. Zesta gives consumers the best quality cup of Ceylon tea which is why it is from the No. 1 branded tea company in Sri Lanka. Our tea is based on our total commitment to quality, from the moment of handpicking two leaves and bud to being packed fresh at source, within days of picking.

Launched in 1998, Zesta is the flagship brand of tea for Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd. Offering uncompromising quality and excellent taste, Zesta tea is today recognised and trusted as a brand that delivers exceptional Ceylon tea. Today, Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd has gained an estimated 35% market share within the relatively short period of over 15 years. Zesta is strong because we have exposure that ensures that we are on par with international standards of quality and process, as our group holding company is a joint venture partnership between Sunshine Holdings and Pyramid Wilmar Plantations.

The fact that over seven billion cups of tea are consumed across the globe is proof of the popularity of tea as a beverage, second only to water. From the time it was discovered in China quite by accident, almost 5000 years ago, tea has been providing its consumers with a sense of comfort and solace. Zesta has captured the hearts of tea devotees across with world, with our enticing variety of Ceylon teas and our undying passion and dedication that has motivated us to produce the perfect cup of tea.