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Zesta Connoisseur Jasmine Green Tea

Connoisseur Collection




Chinese green tea delicately flavoured by imprinting the leaves with natural Jasmine flowers and allowing the tea to absorb its fragrance. The flowers are then carefully removed by hand leaving behind this exotic tea that can be drunk any time of the day and particularly makes a great accompaniment to food.
Know your blend

Know the Character and Blend

A wholesome, robust full-bodied tea with a malty aftertaste. Specially sourced from a single tea garden that is renowned for producing a uniquely strong and thick brew. The perfect breakfast complement to kick-start your day and can be drunk on its own or with milk.

3 - 5 minutes 3 - 5 Minutes
refreshing Refreshing
morning Morning
Sri Lankan Tea Estates

A True
Sri Lankan memento Waltrim Estate

The Exquisite taste that made Ceylon tea famous is epitomized in this intensely flavorful tea from the world famous Waltrim Tea Garden.


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