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5 Healthy Teas to Start the New Year

5 Healthy Teas to Start the New Year

Tis the season to get a fresh start and plan out the new year with all the goals you want to achieve. Why not plan your new year with a healthy tea by your side? Of course, there are several healthy teas out there, which can make choosing the best teas quite difficult. Do not worry though, as this article will shed light on five amazing teas to consider when you are starting out the new year.

Green Tea

A tea that would never lose its significance is traditional green tea. With its origins dating back to the 2700BC, green tea has always been a favourite beverage for many households around the world.

According to scientific research, green tea is known to possess polyphenols and other antioxidants that aid in a healthy digestive system, reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol, and is also known to improve the immune system. It also helps to detox the body from any sort of impurities. Order yourself a box of Jasmine Green Tea – 15 Pyramid Tea Bags to experience all those benefits.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is not necessarily a tea, but herbal tea. In other words, it is a tea that does not incorporate the traditional Camellia Sinensis plant. Instead, the tea is made from daisy-like flowers called chamomile. However, the way of brewing a fresh cuppa is very similar to traditional tea.

Over the years, this herbal infusion has become a popular healthy beverage to many. Like green tea, it is known to help in maintaining heart health and digestive system. Additionally, the beverage is also known to aid in sleep, menstrual cramps, even mental wellbeing. To make your chamomile tea experience all the more wholesome, make sure you use Zesta Wellness Infusion Sleep for your cuppa.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea comes just behind chamomile tea in terms of popularity. Like its chamomile counterpart, this tea is prepared using the leaves of the Mentha Piperita plant, and is known to give a refreshing feeling to the body.

Some of the more known health benefits of this tea are improving mental wellbeing, provides energy, helps in oral health, aids in digestion, and helps in sleep. Although, many recommend this beverage to be drunk with no additives, a little bit of sugar is added to taste. Moreover, the tea has become a popular alternative to use for virgin mojitos when mint leaves are not available. You can make your very own version of virgin mojito using Zesta Pure Peppermint – 15 Pyramid Tea Bags to get the best peppermint taste.

Lemon Tea with Honey

The properties present in lemon and black tea are married in a harmonious, healthy cup of Zesta’s lemon tea. Amped with a good dose of vitamin C and its also a natural diuretic.

Research has shown that this tea aids in digestion, helps in nourishing the skin, eliminates free radicals, and keeps flu-like symptoms at bay. Presently, you can create this healthy beverage using flavoured tea bags. All you have to do is just steep the tea bag and add in the water and honey.

Black Tea

Black tea, like green tea, is one of the more popular teas in the world due to its taste and character. Today black tea comes in many variants and flavours as well. Some of the more popular variants are Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Additionally, some of the black teas come in citrusy flavours.

The antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds within the black tea has been identified to help maintain a healthy immune system, improves digestion, aids in a healthy cardiovascular system, and reduces bad cholesterol. The best black teas come with the stamp of Pure Ceylon Tea such as that found in Zesta Premium Black Tea –  20 Tea Bags.


There we have it! Five amazing and healthy teas to kick-start the journey to achieve your goals in the new year. If you prefer to go beyond the list,  check out our products and shop online from a range of teas and infusions.