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This tea is from the Dimbula area of the Balangoda District and is one of the highest and most famous Tea Gardens in Sri Lanka established in 1880.

It is only made out of carefully handpicked one leaf and a bud from a variety which is unique to the Pettigala tea garden.

Pettiagala in Ceylonese language means ‘box shaped rock’. The rock is the identification mark for the garden. Located 4000ft above sea level at the foot of the Horton Plains mountains and Adams Peak to the north. it towers above all other tea gardens in this region and offers unique growing conditions.

Pettiagala golden spikes is very carefully handmade and the leaf is long, black, well twisted. with an exquisite taste. floral aromatic and golden yellow infusion making it quite unmistakable.

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Brew for 2-3 minutes in 100˚C water 2 minutes for a light cup and 3 minutes for a strong cup Recommended Additives Recommended to be drunk straight without any additives


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