The Gift of Wellness

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The Gift of Wellness bundle includes the Zesta Wellness infusions which are made using the finest herbs and spices giving you a healthy and natural brew.

Net Weight: 180g

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Brew for 3-5 minutes in 100˚C water 3 minutes for a light cup and 5 minutes for a strong cup. Recommended to be drunk straight without any additives

3 Reviews for The Gift of Wellness

  1. Anonymous

    I hope that Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd will look at increasing the options on this range in terms of other flavors and wellness properties.

  2. Anonymous

    Unlike rest of the competitors who provide the market with local herbal products, your packing of sachets is excellent.

  3. Anonymous

    You can really feel the effects of the natural ingredients used and I highly recommend this range to anyone trying to lay off the caffeine.

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