5 Sweet Facts About Iced Tea

A tall glass of aromatic iced tea is the ideal treat for those hot summer days, where you can...

A tall glass of aromatic iced tea is the ideal treat for those hot summer days, where you can kick back with a glass or jug of tangy, sweet iced tea to beautifully counter the sweltering heat of the sun. Here are some facts you may not have known about this delicious beverage!


Cold water makes for a better iced tea!

What it means is, start the process by using cool water, instead of using already boiled or hot water. Why? Because cooler water has more oxygen, a mandatory ingredient required to open up the flavonoids in the tea leaves while they are being boiled. This process enables to obtain the optimum flavour of the tea. You could choose one from among Zesta’s flavoured tea range or even choose a pure black tea to make your iced tea; the choices are endless! You could either serve it immediately by pouring it over heaps of ice cubes or you could refrigerate it for a while longer.

Tip- Always squeeze a bit of lemon or lime into your iced tea or add in slices of lemon for an optimum taste experience. The secret behind it is that the citric acid from the lime juice preserves the flavonoids in the tea.

Fun Fact- There is a term for when tea leaves uncurl and open while hot water is poured onto them; it is known as “the agony of the leaves”


June is National Iced Tea Month

Americans love iced teas as opposed to the British who prefer it steaming hot. There are statistics that prove the love of iced tea in America. The Tea Association of the U.S.A Inc. has revealed that an estimated 80% of the tea consumed in the country is iced. That’s quite a big number and therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a whole month dedicated to celebrating the goodness of iced teas. June 10th is the National Iced Tea Day.


Iced tea became popular during a fair

It was a very hot summer day back in the 1904s at the World’s Fair in St. Louis. Many people were flocking in to view the newly constructed buildings that contributed to the skyline. This only made the heat more unbearable. A smart vendor, Richard Belchynden, who had a stall that sold hot teas, had an epiphany to circulate and cool the tea by passing it through lead pipes that were immersed in ice. The result was a refreshing glass of iced tea which became an instant hit! That particular moment marks the exact point that iced teas became popular in every household, all over the world! Ever since that day, iced tea is known as one of the best, healthy drinks to beat the heat.

Fun Fact- With the surge in iced teas, there was also an increased sale of tall glasses so much so that they were referred to as “iced tea glasses”. At present, however, mason jars with handles seem to be more popular!


Long Island Iced Tea is actually non-alcoholic

The Long Island Iced Tea Corporation is actually a non-alcoholic iced tea company. Due to the popularity of the boozy beverage with the same name, the company has taken action to trademark their label. But do not fret, the ever so popular boozy drink will still be available and there is a chance the company might venture out to make their own boozy version too. Did you also know that the boozy Long Island Iced Tea does not, in fact, contain any tea? Its concoction consists of about 4 different liquors and a splash of Coca Cola which is mixed to simply taste like its name.

Fun Fact- Believe it or not, tea was a well-known ingredient to make cocktails during the 1700s! Tea was mixed in with rum, brandy and or champagne. To date, there are many tea-tails available; a perfect drink if your cocktail hour clashes with tea time.


Tea is good for you

Regardless of how it is served, hot or cold, tea is good for you! It is a great hydrating agent and is approved by the Harvard School of Public Health as one of the best sources of hydration. It is also a great anti-oxidant; it is good for your skin as they reduce premature ageing and further protects it from harmful substances. Green tea is known to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and thus reduce the risks of heart attack. Apart from its physical benefits, it is also a great destressing agent and thus helps to calm your nerves.

So be it a deadline that is looming over your head or you want to keep your skin hydrated and protected, the answer to your problem is only a glass of tea away!

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