Commitment to the wellbeing of our employees and their families and to sustainable living practices are inclusive of Zesta’s core values as a brand. We have implemented programs that have a positive impact on our employees, as we understand it is essential that all members of a business benefit, for a company to succeed with integrity.

Our community based initiatives have helped ensure:

  • 0 maternal and infant mortality
  • 100% institutional births,
  • 100% immunisation of all children of associates and
  • 100% primary education for all children
  • 90 Child Development Centres in our estates with over 2,600 children
  • Sanitation facilities for over 9,000 families

Vocational Training Centre for the physically challenged

Located on the Kenilworth Estate the Centre was established in 1998 and won an Asian CSR Leadership Award for its dedicated work.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Practices

Protecting the environment with Sustainability Practices is core to our business values as we understand the importance of giving back as much as we take. We have taken a number of measures that ensure the protection and preservation of the environment.

Energy Management

We invested in a briquetting machine, which uses tea waste, paddy husks and saw dust to produce briquettes, the usage of which results in lower net carbon emissions, as part of our integrated energy management approach. For our integrated waste management system, we produce compost from bio-degradable waste to fertilise crops, among several other measures.
Water Conservation & Biodiversity Preservation

As part of our work towards water conservation we launched a series of initiatives such as rainwater harvesting and improved soil water retention programmes. To protect the biodiversity on our estates, we embarked on a study of habitats within selected estates. We are also working towards the maintenance of buffer zones along water bodies