The Tea Lover’s Daily Guide

Do you know when and why you drink your tea? Is it just one favourite or a few...

Do you know when and why you drink your tea? Is it just one favourite or a few that you like to mix and match? While your mood plays a big role, for sure, your body is a close second. Some teas are perfect to wake you up, some calm you down, some are good for digestion, and some just make your tastebuds happy. So let’s find out which is which!


The Morning Energy Boost

The alarm goes off and you open your eyes. You roll around in your bed for a few minutes until you know you can’t avoid getting up anymore. Suddenly, the idea of your first cup of tea comes to your mind and it gives you enough motivation to stand up, go to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Once the first traces of your morning brew fill the air, you start smiling. A few sips later, you are ready to face the day.

The English Breakfast tea is an all-time favourite. It’s rich and hearty with a strong but soothing aroma. Each morning cuppa makes you feel like the Royal Family (that actually drinks it too!). If you’re one of the health addicts and prefer a softer taste in the morning, Green tea is the one for you. There’s more types than we can count so you’ll always have plenty of options, and it’s just as energising as black tea.

If you’re even more of an adventurer, try and switch for Oolong or White tea in the morning. All known as the energy boosters of the Zesta tea range, will give the perfect kick start for your morning!


All Day, Every Day

They say that a good morning makes the day. But what if we need an extra support to get through the day? Sometimes we forget that tea is all we need. It keeps us warm and awake, relieves stress and gives us a moment to ourselves.

The all-day tea should be your favourite, the one that can make you smile and feel better at any time. Whether it’s the elegant Earl Grey with a rich flavour and a citrus zest. You could also come back to Green tea or Oolong if you liked it in the morning. If you feel like having too much energy already and you’d prefer a caffeine-free break, go red for Rooibos. Not a tea per se but an aroma like no other.

After Dinner & Before Bed

When you get home and the day slowly comes to an end, the only thing on your mind is comfort and rest. What better way to finish your dinner, than following it with a fresh and spicy Ceylon Ginger tea. It recharges your energy, soothes your stomach and, if you need, heals your cold.

Once you start yawning and your eyes feel heavy, there is nothing better than moving to bed with a mug of hot Herbal tea. Choose your favourite, whether it’s ChamomilePeppermint, or something else, and watch it being made. Then cuddle up and sip on your healthy, natural potion. It will help you relax and fall asleep at once.

All the above mentioned teas are available in our Zesta Gift and Connoisseur Collections. The Zesta collections include single-origin, unblended teas carefully selected by our Tea Masters who taste upto 7500 cups of tea in a single week.