Christmas GIF-Tea-Ing 

Christmas is around the corner and it’s the season of goodwill and cheer! People all around the world...

Christmas is around the corner and it’s the season of goodwill and cheer! People all around the world celebrate Christmas with a passion and gusto embracing the spirit of this season – giving. Strangers smile at each other, people give way, charity and goodwill abounds.

Santa Claus, stockings, festive wreaths on the doors and decorated Christmas trees in different themes are all part and parcel of the season. In the true spirit of the season there are of course gifts under the tree, waiting to be opened on Christmas morning by family and friends.

Rewind from Christmas morning and the opening of gifts and you come to the stress and worry of what to get for your loved ones for Christmas. A yearly battle that everyone dreads, it is inevitable and has to be faced and conquered.

So what can you get for Christmas that is sure to make your loved ones feel like it’s truly the season of cheer and goodwill?

Christmas Hampers

This is a gift that is sure to make anyone’s day as it will contain more than one thing. Put your loved one’s favourite things into a beautiful basket wrapped in green and red ribbon. You can include anything in a hamper. Pick Christmassy items as well as some everyday things that they are sure to use. Include a tin of Zesta’s Christmas tea with its hint of cinnamon and Marzipan that is sure to give them something to remember the joy of Christmas time.

Personalised Christmas Ornaments

This is a beautiful gift to give your special someone. Christmas ornaments are re-used year after year. There are special ornaments that survive the years and make it to the tree without fail. These could be family heirlooms, or evidence of memories made, whatever it may be, these ornaments are treasured, and this Christmas would be the best Christmas to start your own memories.

Self-Care Package for Christmas

This is a perfect gift for someone in need of a pick-me at Christmas time. Include some nice self-care items like a journal to write out their feelings, Christmas candles, bath products, Zesta’s bundle offer teas and a pair of warm comfy socks that is sure to help lift their spirits and get them to celebrate along with you in the fun and cheer.

Stuffed Stockings

Stockings are a Christmas tradition that has been around for ages. A stocking full of sweets, smaller gifts and bon bons were a bonus on Christmas mornings. Get stockings for all your loved ones and stuff them with sweet goodies and smaller inexpensive items that fit each of their personalities. You can even add Zesta’s Connoisseur’s specialised tea flavours that will suit each person. It is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s faces when they get a tiny reminder that you truly know them.

Baked Goodies

For the foodie in your circle who loves food and drink, a box of baked goodies is sure to make their Christmas. Get creative with tea-based cookies and cakes or ensure to include teas that would pair well with your home baked goodness. You can choose from Zesta’s Connoisseur range of teas for the perfect tea to be used for baking or pairing. There is no lack of choice and you can be as creative and experimental as you like.

Puppy Love on Christmas Day

Why not surprise your loved one who is in need of some company, with a gift that keeps giving throughout the year – a puppy! Give them a companion for life who will stay by their side and love them unconditionally. You can give them a Christmassy name like Rudy or Snowflake to really remember the special Christmas day with.